One thing that is amazing about Spreeisms' Individual Therapy services, is that they are community based sessions, meaning they will take place in a private and comfortable setting of your choosing. Kyrsten Sprewell is supervised by two fully licensed therapists and will use only evidence based practices, that are ethically sound, during therapeutic sessions. Kyrsten has experienced high success rates with client's who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, ADHD, and teens with any diagnoses. 

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Spree is so excited to offer workshops!! Past workshops have turned out to be so powerful, and participants discussed learning new information about mental health and self-care. Spreeisms will offer two types of workshops in 2019 and the availability for spots are slim. Workshops offered will be on Work-Life Balance & Trauma-Informed Education (Offered to Educators). Full Description of the workshop will be available January 2019. 

Previous Workshops: East Point DST Teen Summit , ACE Community Support Services, LLC. 

Is your school, sorority/fraternity, or job hosting a panel on a mental health or self-care related topic? Do you have a podcast, YouTube channel, or online mag that you would like Kyrsten to be a part of? Are you interested in collaborating with Spreeisms for a  project? Look no further, Click the button to Set Up A Call With Spree and we can talk details! 

Previous Panels/Collaborations: Gwinnette Community Service Board, East Point DST Mom's Day Out, The Voiceful Blog  

Spreeisms' consulting services are offered to everyone from small start-ups to big corporations who want to improve employee morale while maintaining or increasing productivity in their company.

Kyrsten Sprewell will assess and evaluate the current state of work-life balance, provide a treatment plan with solution-focused steps to achieving the company's goals, and will assist with implementation. Ms.Sprewell will review company policies, host brainstorming sessions with upper management, and provide ongoing feedback about ways to create a happier workplace. If you are interested in setting up an assessment for your workplace, click the button to Set Up A Call With Spree! 

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